you have probably made some plans
getting pregnant right now may not have been one of them
what will you do now?
you are not alone... we're here for you!
  • Pregnancy centers offer testing and support in a non-judgmental way.
  • Some centers offer free classes on abstinence, parenting, or obtaining a GED.
  • Get free referrals on physicians, counseling, community resources, housing, etc.
  • If you live in Oklahoma you are never very far from a pregnancy center.
  • Young woman wondering...

    "I think I'm

    Chances are if you are here, you are pregnant, or you think you may be. This was probably not a part of your plans, at least not right now.

    Fear, confusion and anger are just some of the feelings that you may be experiencing. You wonder what you are going to do.


  • Young man thinking about his future

    "My girlfriend
    is pregnant."

    Finding out that your girlfriend or partner may be pregnant can be overwhelming and frightening. You may have a lot of different feelings.

    We want to help you understand more about your partner's pregnancy, about the new life developing inside her, and about options.


  • Older woman concerned about her daughter

    "My baby's
    having a baby."

    The news can be overwhelming and frightening. No doubt your family is under a lot of stress and is facing many important decisions.

    We want to help you deal with your daughter's pregnancy, and find the appropriate services and resources.