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There may be more options than you realize...

There are actually several other options for you and your child.

Sometimes you just have to take life one step at a time.

Family Assistance

Talk to your family and discuss this option. Some families will make the necessary adjustments to care for your child, so you can continue to attend school or vocational training program. This takes a strong family commitment to you and your child’s future to be successful. It will demand a lot from you and your family, but can be accomplished when everyone is working together for the best interest of your child.

Short Term Foster Care

Some organizations and agencies have short term foster care for young mothers that need time to finish their education or vocational training programs. Your child will be placed in a loving family environment, where you can visit and interact with your child, but continue your educational or vocational training program. When you have finished your program and have established an appropriate place to live, employment and financial stability, you and your child will make a transition to become a family unit.

Residential Placement

A few organizations have “maternity” and/or “mother and child” programs that assist you in the process of having and parenting a child. Typically you will live in a housing unit while continuing your educational or vocational plan. The programs provide assistance in housing, food, educational expenses, parenting information and skills and numerous other supportive means to help you move to independence and successful parenting. Please contact a pregnancy center near you for assistance on these options.