Am I Prepared to Raise My Child Myself?

Know Your Options

Young girl considering parenting

Being a single parent is an option that most women will consider.

As you think about these options for your life, consider reasonable, realistic and practical answers to these questions. Wanting to be an effective and loving parent is an admirable desire; but being a single parent is difficult. It requires a selfless, long term commitment to another person (your child) that is not for just a year or two, but for a life time.

Don’t be a parent, just so someone will love you.   

Babies will give unconditional love to their mother. But to be a full-time mother, it requires you to demonstrate unconditional love for your child: all the time, everywhere, in every circumstance.

Don’t be a parent, just so you won’t be like your parents.   

Most parents learned to parent from their parents, or in other words, you will probably parent your child very much like you were parented, unless you become involved in parenting classes, support groups or find a mentor to help you acquire different parenting techniques.

Do you need someone to talk to about your options?   

If you have questions or need to talk to someone about parenting or your other options, please contact a pregnancy center near you.

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If you are thinking about parenting your child...

You are to be admired for such an honorable decision! However, you will no doubt encounter some significant challenges along the way.

Ask yourself some important questions:

Where will I (we) live?

  • Do I have an affordable, safe and secure place for my child and myself to live?
  • What does it cost to rent an apartment?
  • What do utilities cost each month: water, electricity, gas and city services?
  • Where do I find information on public assistance for housing, utilities, and other necessities for setting up home?
  • What about furniture, linens, kitchen items and small appliances?
  • Have I considered renter’s insurance?

How will I support myself and my child?

  • Do I have a plan for earning enough to pay for housing, utilities, food, medical expenses?
  • Is there additional support I could get from family or other resources?
  • Will I be receiving financial support from the baby's father?

Will I be able to continue with my educational and career plans?

  • What do I need to finish my education? (Consider time and resources that you will need to finish high school, college, or vocational training plans.)
  • Can I continue at my school and work and still have time to be an effective parent?
  • Who will care for my child while I’m at school?

Who can I turn to for advice and information on parenting?

  • Who will I get advice from when my child is sick?
  • Who can answer questions about my child’s development?
  • When will they sleep all night?
  • What do I do when my child will not stop crying?
  • Who will help me when I am sick and can’t even take care of myself, not to mention my child?