Telling Your Parents of Your Pregnancy


BUt, you don't know MY parents!


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Young couple

You're absolutely right about that. However, many of the volunteers and staff at pregnancy centers are parents themselves. Some have even been in a similar situation as yours, and have lived to arrive at adulthood.

There's no easy way to tell them, but you need to, as soon as possible. If you decide to continue with your pregnancy, obviously they'll figure things out. If you choose not to continue with your pregnancy, they'll probably find that out too. Parents are just that way.

If you feel you can talk to one parent more easily, talk to that one first, and then maybe you both can break the news to the other one.


Remember when you were younger?

It was so easy when you were a little child for your mom or dad to put a bandage on your wounds to make you feel better. Obviously things aren't that easy anymore. Especially now.

Believe it or not, though, they too were once your age and faced a lot of the same difficulties in life; some that you may not even be aware of.

Statistics show that young people in your situation have been surprised at how their parents reacted to such overwhelming news. Of course, your folks will be shocked at first, and probably disappointed, but give them time. They might even end up being very supportive of you and your decisions.

However, if you just can't face telling your parents alone, please visit a pregnancy center near you, and let us help you. You can even tell them about this web site; there are helps available for parents, too. We want to help you get through this.