I'm Pregnant - What Now?         

"I can't believe this is happening to me!"

Girl is wondering what she is going to do now

When an unplanned pregnancy occurs, it is normal to be in shock or even denial. You probably did not intend to become pregnant; you may have even thought it would never happen to you. (These things happen to other people, 'Not ME!')

Even before you tell your boyfriend or family, it may take a while for things to seem real enough to sink in. However, soon the morning (or noon, or night) sickness, missed periods and weight gain make things impossible to ignore.

You eventually have to admit that your life is changing, whether you want it to or not.

Three steps to help when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy


Tough Decisions

You are now facing many tough decisions...important ones that will affect you and your unborn child's lives forever. How will you know what the right decision is for YOU? Gathering information empowers you to make wise decisions.

Many, in situations like these, find that talking to someone, such as a peer counselor, is helpful in helping them with their decisions. A good peer counselor will help you consider all your options but will not pressure you to make any particular choice. A pregnancy center is a great place to start!

No matter what you do, remember to take good care of yourself! You need to be healthy and strong, eating a healthy diet, getting sensible exercise and by all means, if you're smoking or using alcohol or drugs, now is a good time to stop. By now you have probably heard that not only do harmful substances get into your system, but also the unborn child's. On top of all the stresses of experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you wouldn't want to add to it by increasing the risks for birth defects.